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A Brief Review of Micro-frontends

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Prajwal, Y.R., Parekh, J.V. and Shettar, R., 2021. A Brief Review of Micro-Frontends. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(8), pp.123-126.


In this paper, a brief review of micro-frontends is presented. The paper discusses the idea behind the micro-frontends architecture and depicts that it is an extension of microservices to the frontend. Micro-frontends solve the problems caused by existing monolithic frontends. The paper discusses the various approaches to compose micro-frontends and gives a review on the existing systems that use micro-frontends. The benefits and drawbacks of micro-frontends are also presented. Micro-frontends have a great potential in developing frontend software if the core ideas are implemented effectively.

Keywords: Micro-frontends, Microservices, Frontend, Web Application.


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