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Utilization of Classroom Observation Tool for Teachers



Romena B. Decano, 2024. Utilization of Classroom Observation Tool for Teachers. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(4), pp160-174.


The study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the classroom observation tools in assessing instructional practices of the teachers in Magallanes South District through descriptive research method. It dealt about the perception of teachers on the utilization of the classroom observation tools, forms of technical assistance given to teachers, impact of the use of COT on student learning outcomes, how COT is used in the school level and means by which COT help in teacher’s professional growth and development. The study used mixed methods with questionnaire checklist and unstructured interview to gather data. Respondents of the study were teachers from the fourteen schools of the district selected through non-random sampling.

Responses of the teachers were the primary source of the data and secondary data included different studies and literature to support views and findings of the study. Data gathering procedure included the process undertaken by the researcher beginning with seeking the approval from higher authorities, followed by construction of questionnaire through the research adviser’s guidance of distribution and retrieval of the data. The help of the qualified statistician was sought for the tabulation, analysis and interpretation other data.

Keywords: Classroom Observation Tools, Utilization

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