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The New Normal Education: Travails of Kindergarten Teachers



Elma F. Bulgado and Rochen D. Yntig, 2023. The New Normal Education: Travails of Kindergarten Teachers. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(4), pp97-106.


This study aimed to identify the various coping strategies used by teachers to deal with difficulties that they may have encountered when implementing said distance education through online, modular, and blended modalities. The study used qualitative phenomenological design to describe the experiences and insights of kindergarten teachers during this pandemic in the Braulio E. Dujali District for School Year 2020–2021. Major themes such as encountered internet connectivity problems, encountered shortage of printing materials, encountered problems with pupil’s academic behaviors,  effective teaching, becoming open to feedbacks and criticisms, becoming resourceful and engage in professional development, turning to divine providence, developing a sense of positivism, new normal in education is a learning opportunity, support is essential in the new normal education, well-being of teachers is a priority regarding kindergarten teachers’ experiences implementing distance learning were revealed by the study. The outcome was that it made available of kindergarten teachers’ perspectives on how distance learning has been incorporated into the new norm.

Keywords: MAED, distance learning, travails of kindergarten teachers, new normal education, Philippines.

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