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Topicality of Review Discourse on the Online Appreciation Portal



Arifatul Hikmah, Sumarwati, and Muhammad Rohmadi, 2023. Topicality of Review Discourse on the Online Appreciation Portal. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(9), pp48-54.


This study aims to describe the trend of topics that build reviewer discourse on online appreciation portals through discourse analysis. The analysis carried out focuses on the topic in the discourse. This research is qualitative research with a content analysis approach. The data sources for this research are online appreciation portals Bacapetra.co, Kurung Buka, Buruan, Labrak, Metafor.id, Digital Madrasah, Lensastra.id, Ngewiyak.com, and Balairungpress. The research data is in the form of qualitative data in the form of words obtained through document analysis from the online appreciation portal. The results of this study are (1) the review text on the online appreciation portal under study contains different topics, namely regarding social problems and language use; (2) the topic that underlies the reviewer’s discourse is influenced by the author’s purpose in the discourse, the issues raised, and the objects in the form of books reviewed in the reviewer’s discourse; (3) differences in style of language, ideas, and topics raised in the text due to differences in the opinions of the authors of the review text; (4) the dominant reviewer topics are about social issues regarding the gap between those in power and ordinary people, gender inequality, and economic problems; (5) there is one topic that does not include social issues, namely regarding the use of language.

Keywords: discourse analysis, discourse topics, text reviews, online appreciation portals.

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