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A Survey about Block Chain Technology for Machine Learning



Babitha Lincy R, Rajasvee S, Swetha G A, Satya D, and Ragul Ravi, 2022. A Survey about Block Chain Technology for Machine Learning. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(1), pp92-99.


Blockchain technology is an emerging technology, which is a shared, immutable ledger that keeps a track of transaction details in a commercial network. Nowadays the blockchain technology is most trending and disruptive technologies. Recently, none of the applications runs without machine learning technique. However, according to machine learning concept, for all the applications the neural nodes depend on centralised servers. The centralised server leads to single point failure problem. Thus, integration of machine learning concept with Blockchain technology provides numerous kinds of applications such as computerized and reliable governing the data, competent data market management, data protectivity and augmentation of the firmness of the deep learning-based systems. Therefore, the significance of the blockchain technology and machine learning is explored in this paper. This paper surveyed the possible existing blockchain based machine-learning framework and their comparative analysis. In addition to that stated the features and drawbacks of the existing frameworks. Furthermore, the paper considered four factors such as deep learning method, blockchain variety, consensus decorum, and dataset for comparing the existing frameworks. Finally, this paper illustrates future research directions for the development of trustworthy machine learning framework.

Keywords: AI, Machine learning, Blockchain, Smart contract, Transparency, Security.

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