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Students’ Productivity in Relation to Social Media Algorithms



Lilcia Raymielle B. Ambat, Keana Denice A. Arenas, Queenzee Mhei B. Chavez, Danica G. Dequilla, and John Ritchie V. Reyes, 2023. Students’ Productivity in Relation to Social Media Algorithms. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(11), pp01-06.


This study aimed to determine the status level of social media algorithms and the students’ productivity and whether there is any substantial relationship between these two variables. More precisely, this research tried to find if the students stay on Facebook browsing and scrolling, content by content might affect their academic compliance. This study is quantitative research and also utilized a correlational research design that looks into correlations between variables without allowing the researcher to control or manipulate any of them (Bhandari, 2022). The respondents answered a questionnaire that was given out online via Google Forms. After the data gathering, the results have shown that the students have High Productivity in terms of their academic compliance. Moreover, the results of the study revealed that there is a significant relationship between social media algorithms and students’ productivity. The productivity of the students is affected by the social media content that appears on their feeds.

Keywords: academic compliance, academic performance, Facebook, newsfeed, social media algorithm, social media content, students’ productivity.

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