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Students Perceived Purchasing Intentions Toward Counterfeit Clothing



Arniel P. Bangalao, Lorie Mae M. Cadavez, Marco Ray M. Ruanto, Marymae D. Suminguit, and Japeth A. Villanueva, 2024. Students Perceived Purchasing Intentions Toward Counterfeit Clothing. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(6), pp316-330.


This research investigates the factors influencing students’ purchase intentions for counterfeit clothing, focusing on demographic variables such as age, sex, allowance, and preference. Through a comprehensive analysis of survey data from 391 respondents, the study examines the demographic profile of participants and identifies key factors influencing their purchasing intentions. Findings reveal that while age does not significantly affect price considerations, it does influence brand preferences among respondents. Sex, however, does not significantly impact purchasing intentions related to counterfeit clothing. Income levels significantly influence both price considerations and brand preferences. Additionally, individuals’ preferences for counterfeit or non-counterfeit clothing significantly influence their purchasing intentions. These insights underscore the importance of tailored marketing strategies that consider demographic variables and consumer preferences in the counterfeit clothing industry. Recommendations are provided for businesses, marketers, students, future researchers, and educational institutions to better understand and address the complexities of consumer behavior in this market.

Keywords: Brand Factor, Counterfeit Clothing, Price Factor, Purchase Intention

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