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Software Quality Assurance Model for Software Excellence with Its Requirements

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Iqbal, S.Z., Javed, U. and Roshan, S.A., 2019. Software Quality Assurance Model for Software Excellence with Its Requirements. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 1(1), pp.39-43.


The authenticity and entanglement of software is being escalated from step by step, the software value promise must be made to create stability among efficiency and quality. The exercise of seeking software measurement to a software procedure is multiplex function that demands research and directions which conduct knowledge of the estimation of the process in respects to attaining the objectives. In this research paper, we have advocated a new software quality framework/model to experience the contrary factors that modify quality of the software. Moreover, it increases the productivity of the software as designer and implementer face the difficulty in software system.  This framework/model shows how to deliver secure, trustworthy and quality product to initiate, by providing all the aspects by transforming software efficiency and quality.

Keywords: Software Quality Assurance (SQA), Software Requirement, Software Quality Model.


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