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The Extent of Social Media Utilization and Academic Procrastination



Michaela D. Abiera, 2024. The Extent of Social Media Utilization and Academic Procrastination. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(5), pp101-118.


The emergence of various teaching aids for learning has forge ahead both teaching and learning in the contemporary world. Social media platforms heighten the classroom experience of learners. Even so, the shift on learning modalities by various agencies of education during the pandemic leads to the burgeoning dependency on social media platforms by students and somehow leading to academic procrastination. The present study aims to investigate the correlation between the two variables such as the extent of social media utilization and academic procrastination. The research was initiated by investigating the degree of social media utilization of students in terms of learning purposes, leisure purposes, social engagement purposes and business purposes relative to academic procrastination. Survey questionnaire including the PASS (Procrastination Assessment Scale for Students) was utilized and the results shows that majority of 50 learner respondents from Matnog National High School had severe procrastination level notably, this phenomenon was alarming since learners failed to complete most of academic tasks and their procrastination leads to significant distress. Based on the finding’s there was both a positive and negative correlation between the extent of utilization of social media platforms and academic procrastination depending on the learner’s purpose in using it. Moreover, social media has an influence on students’ life that is both favorable and unfavorable seeing that, students must utilize social media with awareness and moderation, taking into account both its advantages and disadvantages. A guidance program is needed to assist learners in their utilization of social media platforms thereby mitigating academic procrastination.

Keywords: social media platforms, academic procrastination, burgeoning dependency, guidance program

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