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Shared Leadership Practices of School Heads in Castilla Districts



Marissa Hermosa Llanto, 2023. Shared Leadership Practices of School Heads in Castilla Districts. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(5), pp102-108.


This study aimed to determine the shared leadership practices of the school heads in Castilla districts, division of Sorsogon for school year 2021-2022. Descriptive correlation method of research was employed in the study. The respondents of the study are the school heads in the said districts. A survey questionnaire was the main instrument in gathering the data needed in the study. The data gathered were tabulated, analyzed, and interpreted using statistical measures and tools such as frequency, percentage, weighted mean, and the chi square test.

It was revealed that majority of the respondents are in the middle age (45-55 years old), male, married, have masteral units, and have been in the service for a decade or more as school heads. Shared leadership along the four areas for development is practiced by the school heads. Generally, the profile of the school heads has no significant relationship with their shared leadership practices along the four variables. The respondents have encountered problems in the employment of shared leadership. Thus, an action plan was conceptualized by the researcher to enhance the shared leadership practices of the school heads.

It was recommended that school heads, regardless of age, sex, civil status, and years in the service, consider pursuing their graduate studies to earn masteral and doctoral degrees, and encourage their peers to do the same. School heads may facilitate the contextualization of shared vision and keep an open, purposive, and team-spirited communication between and among internal and external stakeholders to enhance shared leadership practices. School heads may create an opportunity for school personnel to develop or enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitude towards the conduct of an action research and other intervention activities that may impact the four variables. School heads may provide and encourage internal and external stakeholders to jointly engage in capacity building activities or programs that could widen their perspective, strengthen flexibility, and instill in themselves growth mindset which are necessary for enhancing shared leadership practices.  The action plan hereby made may be considered for implementation upon approval of the concerned authorities. Researchers may conduct another study parallel to this research in a wider scope using other variables for school improvement.

Keywords: castilla districts, leadership practices, school heads, Sorogon.

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