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Sentiment Analysis Used for Review Analyzing Digital Marketing

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Saikushwanth, V., 2021. Sentiment Analysis Used for Review Analyzing Digital Marketing. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(12), pp.85-89.


Sentiments are fundamental to practically all human exercises and are the vital influencers of our conduct. At whatever point we need to settle on a choice, we need to get other’s thoughts. Feeling examination or assessment mining is the computational investigation of individuals’ suppositions, opinions, perspectives, and feelings communicated in composed language. It is quite possibly the most dynamic examination regions in regular language handling and text mining as of late. The exploration has likewise spread outside of software engineering to the executive’s sciences and sociologies because of its significance to business and society all in all. Online stores or e-business sites are popular platforms where the users can express their opinion on a product or service in the form of comments known as “audits”. This fills in as a mean for people to communicate their contemplations or sentiments in different structures like positioning, checking, text remarks, pictographic remarks and so forth Sentiment Analysis used for Review analyzing in Digital Marketing is a tool applied by various parties such as entrepreneurs and marketers on such surveys to accumulate experiences into items or to direct market examination. These reviews play a major role in business decisions and tools such as sentiment analysis will help the right company get the right review from the right customer. The online advertising industry will be more efficient and productive by finding the right place to advertise the right product. Review Analysis will help the entrepreneurs, the marketers and the customers equally.

Keywords: Sentiment Analysis, Digital Marketing, Navie Bayes, Bi-Gram, N-Gram.


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