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School Counselling Programs as Predictors of Student Outcomes



Girlie A. Fernandez and Dr. Ionne D. Avelino, 2023. School Counselling Programs as Predictors of Student Outcomes. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 4(12), pp24-30.


In the secondary Datu Balong National High School, Linao National High School, Pinamuno National High School, and Sawata National High School institutions in the San Isidro District of the Division of Davao Del Norte, the relationship between school counseling initiatives and student outcomes was examined in this quantitative descriptive correlational study. The statistician computed the number of respondents per school based on school population and randomly selected 250 respondents. Pilot tests of two modified questionnaires were conducted with 40 seniors at Sto. Prior to data collection, a reliability test was conducted at Tomas National High School to ascertain its internal consistency. The statistician received the data and used Mean, Pearson-r, and Regression Analysis to examine it. Overall, the findings demonstrated that the level of school counseling programs is high, as are its indicators, including counseling, consultation, curriculum, and coordination, which shows that the school counseling programs are heavily scrutinized. Overall, the findings showed that student outcomes are of a high caliber and are consistently noticeable. Only personal and career out of the four variables of student outcomes—personal, social, academic, and career—have a very high descriptive quality. Curriculum and coordination are found to be strongly related, and school counseling programs and student outcomes are found to be moderately related. Results revealed a strong correlation between student outcomes and school counseling programs. Results also showed a significant influence of student outcomes to school counselling programs. The four indicators under student outcomes have significant influenced, with adoption or implementing school counselling programs regularly. The results of the study should be used as basis in hiring licensed guidance counselor in the field especially in school to implement school counseling programs for the students to help raised other indicators for student outcomes. This is also a high time for school counselor to be visible in school showing the results of the study that school counseling programs has a significant relationship with student outcomes.

However, support to other indicator for the combined influence is still needed. Further studies using other variables that affect student outcomes may also be carried out.

Keywords: MAED, School Counseling Programs as Predictor to Student Outcomes, Counselor, Counseling Programs, student outcomes, Philippines.

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