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School-Based Management Journey of Select School in Sorsogon City



Cathyrine Janoras-Bane and Alfonso L. Garcia, 2024. School-Based Management Journey of Select School in Sorsogon City. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(7), pp388-400


This study focused on the contributing factors to attaining School-Based Management (SBM) status in selected schools within the Division of Sorsogon City. Employing a descriptive qualitative research design, the study conducted case studies on School A and School B, utilizing research methods such as focus group discussions and documentary analysis. The attainment of SBM Level Status in these schools was attributed to factors such as High teacher morale and job satisfaction are crucial for successful SBM implementation, as teachers who feel valued and supported are more likely to actively engage in the process. Effective leadership plays a pivotal role in guiding SBM implementation by providing a clear vision, fostering collaboration, and aligning stakeholders with educational goals. Strong student achievement, innovative practices, accountability, community engagement, and ongoing professional development are also key factors that contribute to the success of SBM. Furthermore, effective resource management, including tailored budgeting practices, allows schools to allocate resources strategically to support SBM objectives. These factors played a vital role in successfully implementing SBM principles and improving educational programs. The recommendations derived from the study include refining leadership practices, adopting innovative teaching methods, enhancing accountability, optimizing resource management, and sharing successful practices with other schools. Furthermore, future research suggestions involve conducting action research on utilizing the sustainability plan, studying noteworthy SBM practices in evaluation, and exploring SBM implementation practices across various schools.

Keywords: School-Based Management Journey, Qualitative, FGD

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