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Prioritization of Improvement Areas of Elementary Schools in Bacon West District

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Enobio, E.T. and Castro, E.G.D., 2021. Prioritization of Improvement Areas of Elementary Schools in Bacon West District. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(8), pp.64-69.


The study aimed to determine the prioritization of improvement areas of the public elementary schools in Bacon District for the school year 2020-2021. The study used the descriptive survey method since a questionnaire was devised in gathering the primary data as reflected in the problem. There were 108 respondents from the Bacon District who were selected using purposive sampling. The statistical tools utilized were frequency, weighted mean, and ranking. It was revealed that the priority improvement areas are maintaining a 100% attendance of pupils along with access, decreasing the number of pupils who are non-numerates along with quality, and increasing the awareness and involvement of the stakeholders in the school programs and projects along with governance. The areas of decreasing the number of severely wasted and wasted pupils and maintain a zero drop-out rate came out strategically important, urgent, and high in magnitude while the area of decreasing the number of children with below 90% attendance emerged as feasible. However, the area of increasing the achievement rate and strengthening the instructional supervision was found slightly feasible. Consequently, increasing the stakeholders’ participation and involvement was strategically important and improvement and upgrading of school The most challenges addressed by the prioritization of improvement areas are poverty, teachers need to attend training, coaching, and mentoring, and inadequate number f instructional and reading materials were high in magnitude. Recommendations were given to make the prioritization of improvement areas better.

Keywords: Bacon West District, Elementary Schools, Improvement Areas, Prioritization.


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