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Oplan Baklas: Examining the Impact of Classroom Design on the Academic Performance of Grade 3 Learners



Mariel Salar, Edylle Faye Ragandang, Mary Queen Orpilla, Paul Gabrielle Pagara, Sarrah Cabana, Lourde John Paderna, and Jeddah Quiño-Justol, 2024. Oplan Baklas: Examining the Impact of Classroom Design on the Academic Performance of Grade 3 Learners. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(8), pp108-116


This study examines the impact of classroom design on the academic performance of Grade 3 pupils in the Philippines, focusing on how classroom environments mandated by recent regulations OPLAN Baklas affect students’ academic performance. Utilizing a descriptive-correlational design, the research surveyed 72 Grade 3 pupils from a public school in Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. A researcher-made questionnaire assessed perceptions of classroom design elements, such as wall bareness and the presence of educational materials, alongside measures of academic performance. Findings reveal significant correlations between pupils’ perceptions of classroom environments and academic performance. Specifically, educational aids and a balanced aesthetic environment were associated with increased concentration and comfort, enhancing learning efficiency. Results suggest that while minimalist designs reduce distractions, the complete removal of educational decorations may impede effective learning. The study underscores the importance of adapting classroom designs to meet educational and developmental needs, providing evidence that well-considered environments can significantly impact academic outcomes. These insights are vital for educators and policymakers in crafting learning spaces that promote student engagement and achievement. Future research should consider broader demographic samples and longitudinal studies to validate these findings further and support the development of effective educational standards. This research contributes to the ongoing dialogue on educational environments, advocating for a balanced approach that harmonizes aesthetic simplicity with functional educational support.

Keywords: academic performance, classroom design, grade 3 learners, learner perception, Oplan baklas, Philippines

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