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Motivation, Attitude, And Language Learning Styles of Senior High School Students



Sheryl Beraña – Esmeña, 2024. Motivation, Attitude, And Language Learning Styles of Senior High School Students. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(8), pp42-53


This study determined the motivation, attitude, and language learning styles of senior high school students into GAS, HUMMS and TVL tracks, SY 2022-2023. It utilized a quantitative research approach. The respondents of this study are the 270 SHS Students taking up GAS, HUMSS, and TVL Strands in Gubat National High School. It employed a survey research method using the adapted questionnaire by Robert Gardner and Wallace Lambert in 1972 called Attitude/Motivation Test Battery (AMTB) and Learning Style Survey: Assessing Your Own Learning Styles by Cohen, Oxford, and Chi (1995). Frequency count, weighted mean, and percentage were the statistical treatment used.
The result of the survey conducted uncovered nuanced insights into the language learning landscape among SHS students. Motivation levels of GAS, HUMSS, and TVL students show slight motivation on language learning. Attitudes toward language learning also differed, revealing areas of strength and opportunities for improvement within each track. Furthermore, the study unveiled diverse learning styles among students, ranging from visual to auditory to tactile preferences, along with varying approaches to learning situations, ambiguity, response time, and more.
Based on these comprehensive findings, the study proposes actionable recommendations to enhance language learning experiences for SHS students. Strategies include fostering motivation through engaging content and incentives, addressing unfavorable attitudes through positive learning environments, and accommodating diverse learning styles through differentiated instruction.

Keywords: Attitude, Language Learning, Learning Styles, Motivation, Senior High School

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