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Learning Materials Based On 7E Model in Teaching Systematics for Grade 12 STEM Learners



Diosyjeanne D. Simyunn, Monera A. Salic-Hairulla, Angeline D. Dinoro, Douglas A. Salazar, and Munting Michael E. Manting, 2024. Learning Materials Based On 7E Model in Teaching Systematics for Grade 12 STEM Learners. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(7), pp308-315.


The study aimed to develop and seek the effectiveness of the learning materials based on 7E model on students’ conceptual understanding in learning systematics. The research utilized Analysis-Design-Development-Implementation-Evaluation (ADDIE) design and a mixed quasi-experimental pretest-post test design. The actual implementation was conducted in a public senior high school in the Division of Misamis Oriental, specifically in Alubijid National Comprehensive High School located in the municipality of Alubijid. The participants of the study include sixty (60) Grade 12 STEM senior high school students. Purposive sampling was used in selecting the participants. During the actual implementation phase the grade 12 learners utilized the Learning Materials based on 7E model as instructional material in their lesson in systematics in face to face learning. The developed Learning Materials was validated using the Department of Education standardized rubrics. It was evaluated by the STEM experts with a mean score of 26.2 in Content, Format with a mean score of 66, 18.6 mean score for Presentation and Organization and 24 mean score for Accuracy and Up – to – datedness of Information and all mean factors resulted with Passing remarks.  For the pretest-post test results, the differences between the means of the test scores are 7.38 (G12 Australia) and 3.06 (G12 Switzerland). It yielded a t-value of 9.06 (G12 Australia) and 4.79 (G12 Switzerland) with a computed probability value of <0.0001, which is less than 0.05 significance level for both sections.  Hence, there is, in fact, a significant difference between the pre-test and post-test of grade 12 STEM students in ANCHS who underwent the developed Learning Materials based on the 7E model STEM lesson.

Keywords: Inquiry-based learning, systematics, taxonomy, 7Es model, evolution

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