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Learning of Language Teachers from Vloggings: A Multiple Case Study



Aiza L. Sugandi and Celso L. Tagadiad, 2023. Learning of Language Teachers from Vloggings: A Multiple Case Study. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(10), pp29-39.


This study contributed to reveal significant insights on the usage of Vlogging in English language teachers and its underlying assumptions of English language teachers in different schools’ level in private schools in Panabo City, Davao del Norte, with 20 male/female participants. The researcher used multiple-case design explores a real-life multiple bounded system through detailed, in-depth data collection. Moreover, this study utilized semi-structured interview questions which addressed salient aspects of the language teachers’ learning from vloggings. Furthermore, the findings of this study unveil that intermittent internet connection, unavailability of electronic devices, time constraints, augments language teaching process, authentic language experience, comprehensive delivery of language instruction, demonstration of language proficiency, individual language learning practice, design an engaging language class, selection of suitable vlog for language practice, and enhancement of teacher’s vlogging skill were the learning of language teachers from vlogging. Additionally, vlogging allows teachers to engage with students in a more dynamic and interactive way, creating a more immersive language learning experience. By utilizing vlogging, teachers can enhance students’ listening and speaking skills, as they are exposed to authentic and contextualized language use. Thus, this proves incorporating vlogging into language teaching can be a powerful tool for enhancing language acquisition, promoting cultural understanding, and fostering creativity and self-expression. By embracing this digital medium, language teachers can create a dynamic and engaging learning environment that empowers students to become confident and effective communicators in the target language.

Keywords: learning, multiple-case, teachers, vlogging.

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