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Learners’ Health Status in Relation to Resilience and Academic Performance



Jame S. Bazar, June Ryan C. Adlaon, Zaneta Nove T. Aquipo, and Genelyn R. Baluyos, 2024. Learners’ Health Status in Relation to Resilience and Academic Performance. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(4), pp131-144.


Learners’ health status is vital in fostering resilience and enhancing academic performance. This study determined the learners’ health status regarding stability and educational performance after the flooding incident. The researchers used a descriptive-correlational research design. The respondents included 152 learners chosen by purposive sampling. The researchers used the Student Health Questionnaire and Resilience Scale Questionnaire, as well as students’ records of grades, as instruments. Mean, standard deviation, frequency and percentage, and Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient were the statistical tools used in the study. Results showed that learners had good health status with high levels of resilience and fair academic performance. Significant positive correlations existed between learners’ health status and their resilience levels. The positive relationship between learners’ health status and strength suggested that a healthier status may contribute to higher resilience among learners. However, learners’ health status was not related to their academic performance. Health status alone may not directly impact academic performance. Various aspects of health, including health behavior, safety, feeling/well-being, and development, positively contribute to the learners’ competence, meaningfulness, and acceptance. The teacher educates learners on maintaining good health behaviors, safety measures, and well-being to enhance their resilience and academic performance.

Keywords: health status, resilience, academic performance, flood incident

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