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IOT and Raspberry-Pi Based Smart Irrigation System



Raja, C.K., 2021. IOT and Raspberry-Pi Based Smart Irrigation System. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(7), pp.33-38.


Agriculture is an important factor especially for developing countries like India. Issues related to agriculture have been always hindering the county’s growth. The solution for this problem is using smart agriculture by modernizing the traditional methods of agriculture. Hence the proposed system aims to make agriculture smart using automation and IoT technologies. Internet of Things(IoT) based proposed system helps to check crop growth and irrigation support. A Raspberry Pi used automatic irrigation IoT system is proposed to improves the productivity of the crop. The main aim of this work is to provide crop development at less water consumption, To provide water to the plants at the required time, farmers waste a lot of time in the fields. So for efficient management of water the proposed system developed on the information sent from the sensors and estimate the quantity of water needed. Sensors are used to get the data to the base station, the humidity and the temperature of the soil, and the duration of sunshine per day. Based on these values the proposed system will calculate the water quantity for irrigation when it is required. Implementation of Precision Agriculture (PA) with cloud computing, will reduce the usage of water fertilizers and maximize the production of the crops and also will help in analyzing the weather conditions of the field.

Keywords: Smart farming, Irrigation system, IoT, Raspberry-pi, cloud computing.

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