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Fostering A Positive School Climate to Enhance Senior High School Students’ Experience



Elias, Jr. L. Dichoso, 2024. Fostering A Positive School Climate to Enhance Senior High School Students’ Experience. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(4), pp73-89.


School climate has been an interesting topic for research during this time when distance learning is gradually transitioning to full face-to-face classes. Distance learning is the recent change in the education delivery in the country that has impacted the learners in so many ways. This research determined the school climate in Sorsogon National High School (SNHS) as observed by the Senior High School department, SY 2022-2023.  The respondents were the Senior High School students, the Senior High School teachers, and the school administrators of SNHS, SY 2022-2023. Survey, documentary analysis, and interviews were the data collection methods employed. A modified questionnaire from the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) School Climate Module In-School and Hybrid was the research instrument used. The statistical treatments used were frequency count, weighted mean, and rank. SNHS has a satisfactory school climate along safety, relationship, teaching and learning, and institutional environment. There are varied strategies that the school administrators and teachers utilize to be able to achieve a positive school climate. There are challenges encountered by the school in its desire to promote a positive school climate. The action plan being proposed be utilized to intensify a positive school climate in SNHS. Action research be conducted that utilizes the action plan being proposed. A qualitative study may be conducted in line with the further in-depth investigation of positive school climate. Fostering a positive school climate is crucial for enhancing students’ experiences, as this has been consistently linked to improved academic achievement and increased engagement.

Keywords: Quantitative Research, School Climate, School Intervention

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