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Extent of Development and Institutional Challenges: The Case of a Secondary School in the Philippines



Michael P. Formanes and Marjorie F. Formanes, 2024. Extent of Development and Institutional Challenges: The Case of a Secondary School in the Philippines. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(6), pp138-149.


This study investigates the development of and challenges faced by a secondary school in the Philippines. It focuses on four areas namely, professional growth of employees, physical plant facilities, student development programs, and fiscal administration. Utilizing a quantitative descriptive design, data was collected through survey questionnaires distributed among teaching and non-teaching staff. The survey questionnaire was designed with a five-point Likert scale. The target population was all teaching and non-teaching staff of the school. The instrument’s validity and reliability were ensured through expert review and pre-testing. Findings revealed that the school showed high development in providing professional development opportunities for teachers. However, there was a lack of resources for continuous learning. The school demonstrated high development in providing sufficient space and resources. However, aging infrastructure and a lack of modern technology were challenges. The school excelled in promoting sportsmanship and extracurricular activities but lacked specialized training for competitive sports and scholarships for athletes. The school showed high development in transparency and financial documentation. However, there were challenges in balanced budget management and securing external funding. Limited funding for professional development and access to advanced qualifications. Notably, transparency in financial management emerges as a pivotal issue. Recommendations involve augmenting funding for professional development, strengthening fiscal administration through internal audits, and boosting student development programs to support talented athletes. Addressing these challenges holds promise for enhancing the educational experience and outcomes of the institution, fostering a more conducive learning environment for both students and staff.

Keywords: professional growth, challenges, development, fiscal administration, student development, educational outcomes, infrastructure, school development.

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