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Exploring Themes of Selected Afro-Asian Literary Works: A Reader-Response Approach



Rina Sangalang-Guimalig and Dan O. Gomez, 2023. Exploring Themes of Selected Afro-Asian Literary Works: A Reader-Response Approach. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(10), pp07-16.


This study aimed to explore the themes of the selected Afro-Asian literary works. The reader-response approach was utilized to determine the themes present in the literary texts. Also, a phenomenological approach was employed to highlight the information gathered on how students understood the themes of the selected literary works. The participants of the study were fourteen (14) Grade 8 students from La Filipina National High School. There were seven participants for the in-depth interview (IDI) and seven participants for the focus group discussion (FGD). This study obtained significant information that helped derive the themes from the selected four poems and four stories in Afro-Asian literature. The themes in the poems include patriotism, pride, and proud for I am an African Child; enlightenment for Till the Hearts End; abundance and happiness for After the Rain; and seize the day and benevolence for Rubaiyat and for stories are loyalty, love and self-sacrifice for The Soul of Great Bel; power, selfishness and abandonment, unconditional love and wisdom for The Story of the Aged Mother;  brotherly love, jealousy, betrayed and hatred The Two Brothers; and ruthlessness and significance of material goods for Ali Baba and Forty Thieves.  Moreover, the study emphasized the themes were conveyed as it reflects values and culture, understands the elements of the story, uses literary devices, utilizes context clues, and applies life meaning. Finally, the students shared insights on the importance of reading selected Afro-Asian literary works as it teaches life lessons, enhances comprehension, builds self-motivation, expands perspectives on different cultures, and reduces stress.

Keywords: Afro-Asian literary works, Philippines, Reader-response, Teaching English.

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