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Modern Connect: An Exclusive Platform for Students and Alumni of MCOE, Pune to Connect



Dhananjay Narayan Kuber, Sarvesh Sanjay Joshi, Pratham Sadanand Karmalkar, Ajay Dhairyshil More, and Isha Nageshwar Vairagar, 2022. Modern Connect: An Exclusive Platform for Students and Alumni of MCOE, Pune to Connect. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 3(6), pp.69-75.


Pursuing higher education, especially in Computer Science and Information technology, where there is a continuous need for learning as every day there is something new, Web development itself is a good example. As students of engineering, we have noticed this, sometimes it is hard to keep up with the pace. Students often want to learn something new that would be beneficial for their career growth, sometimes learning new things could be difficult, so we thought of an idea that would help students from our institution by collaborating and connecting based on common domain interests. To address the problems of existing students we came up with a solution by introducing new features and functionality where alumni will help an institute to grow with their skill sets and where students can have a platform where they can learn, share skills and collaborate and build projects, our platform is called “ModernConnect”, named after the institution. Alumni network is fairly an old concept that is implemented in various colleges, but the relationship in this is just between Alumni of the institution. Alumni possess a connection with the institution, they can relate with students of the institution as they were in the same place in the past learning new things and gaining new experiences. Alumni of the institution have the potential to be great mentors for students for domain knowledge. Not only that but on our platform Alumni can also have post-career opportunities that can benefit both alumni as well as students. Learning and growing in a fairly safe and monitored environment is also important, hence this platform is only exclusive to our institution.

Keywords: Alumni network, ModernConnect, Cooperative Learning, Peer-to-Peer Learning, Student-Alumni Network.

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