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Enhancing Scientific Skills Among Students Through Engaging in Active Learning Activities



Mark Joseph B. Balaoro, 2024. Enhancing Scientific Skills Among Students Through Engaging in Active Learning Activities. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(7), pp242-251.


This study investigates the enhancement of scientific skills among students through engaging active learning activities in educational settings. Active learning, characterized by hands-on experiments, interactive discussions, and problem-solving tasks, offers a dynamic approach to science education. The rationale for this research lies in the recognition of the importance of scientific literacy and critical thinking skills among students to prepare them for success in a technologically-driven world. The study encompasses diverse active learning strategies employed by science teachers in private schools in Bulan, Sorsogon, emphasizing engagement, collaboration, and practical application of scientific concepts. Methodological aspects include surveys, discussions, and analysis of responses from science teachers to identify prevalent active learning activities, challenges faced, and effective teaching strategies. Findings reveal a range of active learning methods, such as hands-on experiments and group discussions, which enhance students’ understanding and retention of scientific principles. Interpretations emphasize the importance of addressing these challenges through comprehensive training programs and systemic changes in curriculum design. The study underscores the significance of integrating active learning modules into the curriculum to create engaging learning environments that promote scientific skills development.

Keywords: active learning, scientific skills, science education, student engagement, curriculum design

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