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Enhancing Oral Communication Confidence: World Literature Activities for BSED Students



Nicole Bueno Ribano, 2024. Enhancing Oral Communication Confidence: World Literature Activities for BSED Students. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(5), pp90-94.


This study investigates the effectiveness of selected speaking and listening activities in reducing oral communication apprehension among second-year Bachelor in Secondary Education – Major in English students at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila. Employing a descriptive research methodology, data were collected from 102 respondents using a questionnaire adapted from James McCroskey. Findings reveal that students generally experience nervousness and lack confidence in public speaking situations. However, the selected activities demonstrated content validity and were deemed effective in classroom discussions. Embarrassment emerged as a significant factor contributing to communication apprehension, alongside speech handicaps and anxiety. Recommendations include teacher-led interventions to motivate and support students, integration of diverse speaking and listening activities, seminars addressing communication apprehension, and encouragement of positive reinforcement strategies. Creating a supportive and inclusive classroom environment is essential for mitigating apprehension and fostering student engagement. It is imperative for educational institutions to recognize and address communication apprehension among students, offering appropriate support and resources for their holistic development.

Keywords: BSED Students, Classroom Interventions, Content Validity, Oral Communication Apprehension, Speaking and Listening Activities, Educational Psychology

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