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Distance Learning Challenges on the Use of Self-Learning Module

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Gueta, M.F. and Janer, S.S., 2021. Distance Learning Challenges on the Use of Self-Learning Module. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(7), pp.58-71.


This study determined distance learning challenges on the use of self-learning module. the participants of the study were 3 grade V teachers, 30 parents and 30 pupils of Bulan North Central School-A Descriptive qualitative method was utilized as research design of the study. Under this method, responses were gathered from the in-depth interview dealing with the challenges in the new normal. This method was chosen to gather the challenges and coping mechanisms of teachers, in terms of preparation of modules, monitoring and assessing and for both parents and pupils in terms of time management, comprehension, motivation and independent learning.

Keywords: Challenges, Coping mechanisms, Distance Learning, Self-Learning Modules.


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