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Development of Vision Based Path Tracking Algorithm with Kinematic Motion and Fuzzy Controller

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Kyaw, N.M. and Soe, H., 2021. Development of Vision Based Path Tracking Algorithm with Kinematic Motion and Fuzzy Controller. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(5), pp.01-09.


This paper intends to develop the path tracking algorithm for Differential Drive Mobile Robot (DDMR) with MATLAB/Simulink. The input data for vision system of DDMR are taken from the captured images. In order to get the desired result, the control data from the captured images, fuzzy logic controller, the kinematics equations and MATLAB/ Simulink are used in this research. The error heading angles/inputs values of the captured images are controlled by the fuzzy logic controller to get the minimum error heading angles for path tracking.  There are two parts in this research. Ones is to develop the fuzzy controller by using the control data/heading error from the captured images with Hough Transform. The second one is to control of the robot platform by using Kinematic based on fuzzy control system. The velocity outputs of fuzzy logic control are applied for kinematics motion of DDMR. The gains of fuzzy controller are tuned to achieve the desired speed and then Simulink model is prepared for DC motors with gear of DDMR. The algorithm/program of path tracking for DDMR are developed in this research with the MATLAB/ Simulink.

Keywords: Kinematics equation, Fuzzy Logic Controller, DDMR, path tracking, MATLAB Simulation.


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