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Development and Validation of Prototype 5E’s Lesson Plans in Research I



Janeth Bruca Dellomas and Jhonner Dichoso Ricarfort, 2024. Development and Validation of Prototype 5E’s Lesson Plans in Research I. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(7), pp230-241.


The study aimed to develop and validate prototype 5E’s lesson plans for Research I in Grade 7 STE (Science, Technology, and Engineering) students at Bulan National High School, Sorsogon Province, for the academic year 2023-2024. The research employed a pre-experimental, single-group pretest-posttest design and a developmental research methodology.
The developed lesson plans covered various topics, including conducting guided experiments, gathering qualitative and quantitative data, organizing data into tables and graphs, and analyzing and interpreting data. These lesson plans were aligned with the K to 12 Grade 7 STE Learning Competencies.
The study utilized pre-post tests, evaluator’s evaluation tools for print resources, and attitude tests to gather data. Statistical tools such as mean scores, t-tests for dependent samples, and frequency counts were employed to analyze the data.
The results showed that the developed 5E’s lesson plans were rated as “very satisfactory” in terms of content, format, presentation, organization, and accuracy by the evaluators. The lesson plans effectively improved students’ academic performance in Research I, as evidenced by the higher post-test mean score compared to the pre-test score. Additionally, the majority of students developed positive attitudes towards research after implementing the lesson plans.
The study concluded that the developed 5E’s lesson plans were valid and recommended for adoption in teaching Research I in STE schools. It was recommended that teachers handling Research I or other grade levels in STE schools develop similar inquiry-based 5E’s lesson plans for other topics, adopt and improve the developed lesson plans, and further validate them using true experimental designs. The study also encouraged the development of instructional materials to support positive attitudes towards the learning area and research on developing and validating instructional materials for the STE curriculum.

Keywords: 5E Learning Cycle, Prototype Lesson Plan, Research

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