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Determinants of Cost of Students Houses in the Buea Municipality



Baninla Nicholas, Kongson Killian, Veuphuteh Francis, Atabongkeng Lionel, and Isuma Lyonga, 2024. Determinants of Cost of Students Houses in the Buea Municipality. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT). 5(4), pp44-49.


The importance of housing to a country or nation and its people has gained greater attention. Student housing problem worldwide is assuming a greater scale especially with the creation of schools in all parts of the countries around the world. Based on the absence or little presence of policies, land owners randomly evaluate the property and charges unaffordable values with the assumptions that there is no alternative, depending on the need, tenants have to accept it. In this light, this study sort to investigate the determinants of cost of students’ houses in the Buea Municipality. The main objective was to examine the determining role of housing facilities, construction materials, government supervision, proximity to campus, security, property taxes and deliberate raises on the cost of students houses in Buea. This study adopted the survey research design where primary data was collected from 300 university students renting in Buea through the uses of questionnaires. The random sampling technique was used in selecting the 300 respondents. The collected data was analyzed through both descriptive and inferential statistics. The findings of the study showed that housing facilities, proximity to campus, security, and deliberate raises all had significant effects on the cost of students’ houses. Also, the study found out that construction materials, property taxes and government supervision do not determine the high cost of students houses in the Bues Municiality.

Keywords: Housing Facilities, Construction Materials, Government Supervision, Proximity, security, Property Taxes, Deliberate Raises and on the Cost of Students Houses.

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