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Assessing the Performance of Faculty in SUCs Under Online Teaching During Pandemic Period 2020-2022



Imelda T. Esguerra, 2023. Assessing the Performance of Faculty in SUCs Under Online Teaching During Pandemic Period 2020-2022. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 4(9), pp55-61.


The purpose of this study is to assess the performance of permanent faculty members of Bataan Peninsula State University in the four-fold mandates of the University under Online Teaching during the Pandemic period 2020 – 2022 and to determine which among the faculty profile, online teaching activities, challenges encountered in online teaching were related to the performance of faculty and provide an appropriate model for it. The study is quantitative in nature. The data on the profile of faculty, online teaching activities, and challenges encountered in online teaching were collected from 131 permanent faculties from the six campuses (Dinalupihan, Orani, Abucay, Balanga, Main, and Bagac) as well as data on research, extension, and production through validated survey questionnaires, and the result of the evaluation for the performance of faculty in instruction was taken from the data bank of Bataan Peninsula State University.  The study revealed that the majority of the faculty members have an age range of 47 – 55, had doctorate degrees, and have science as an area of their specialization, more than 25 years but less than 30 years in service and were Associate Professor in faculty rank with average computer skills. The study also found out that most of the faculty has two teaching load preparation, spent 11-20 hours per week in instructional content delivery, and spent 10-14 hours per week in student counseling, advising, and online assessment for AY 2020 – 2022. It is also evident that G-meet with Google form and G-classroom, Messenger, and Email are the top 3 most used communication and collaboration tools for online teaching, the majority handles 46-55 students and more than half of the faculty have a broken period schedule. It also found out that the majority of them sometimes encounter domestic responsibilities as an interruption in online teaching, and more than half experienced a dilemma with a strong internet connection. All faculty have at least one technological device available and used to connect on the internet. Moreover, the overall rating of the faculty members was outstanding in research and instruction, and have shown very good involvement in extension and production. The results revealed that only the average class size has shown a significant effect on the performance of an associate professor.

Keywords: extension, faculty performance, fou-fold function, instruction, production, research.

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