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Analysing Political Party Influence Using Data Mining

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Vani, M.P., 2021. Analysing Political Party Influence Using Data Mining. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 2(9), pp.80-83.


The ongoing progression in the usage of computers and smartphone along with cheaper rates for wireless internet has led India to have a firm foot in the modern technology era. As the number of people using digital platforms is increasing, especially the younger generation, they share their feeling, opinion, perspective, problems that are almost all their life’s story in the social networking platforms in the form of tweets on Twitter, post on facebook etc. This all information can be used to know the opinion of a person or a community on a certain topic. Along with the information found on the internet, newspaper, websites can also be used as the analysis for the issues faced by certain community.

Keywords: Progression, smartphone, twitter, facebook, wireless, internet.


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