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Solving Applied Optimization Problems with Differential Equations

Author (s)

  • Kay Thi Win
  • Ngwe Kyar Su Khaing
  • Nwae Oo Htike

Department of Mathematics, TU (Yamethin), Myanmar


Differential Equations, Derivative, Absolute Maximum values, Absolute Minimum values, Local Maximum values, Local Minimum values.

Paper Details

  • Paper ID: UIJRTV1I30002
  • Published in: Volume : 01 Issue : 03
  • Publication Date: 02/10/2019
  • Page(s): 10-16


There are many different rules for mathematics field. Among them, solving the problems with differential equations which there are first derivative test and second derivative test. There were use to solve the problem of practical life such as profit and loss of the business system, maximum and minimum of the dimensions and increasing and decreasing of the function domain. In this paper, we use derivatives to find the extreme values of functions, to determine and analyze the shapes of graphs and to find numerically where a function equals zero. Rolle’s Theorem and its examples are expressed. The first derivative test to determine where the differential equation increases and decreases is given. Similarly, the second derivative test to determine. Variety of optimization problems are solved by using derivatives. The dimension of various shape with fixed perimeter having maximum area are computed. The dimension for the least expensive cylindrical can of a given volume are computed.


Kay Thi Win, Ngwe Kyar Su Khaing and Nwae Oo Htike. “Solving Applied Optimization Problems with Differential Equations” United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT) 1.3 (2019): 10-16.