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Thermal Loop and Implementation of Pyrolysis Process in Power Plant- Proposed Model

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Mridul, M.K., Mahbub, A.A., Rahman, M.R. and Mandal, P., 2021. Thermal Loop and Implementation of Pyrolysis Process in Power Plant- Proposed Model. United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT), 3(1), pp.64-74.


The technologies are increasing unlike, the decreasing the natural resources. Therefore, the major challenge is the optimum use of natural resources with these technologies. Besides, environmental pollution and global warming are about to reach their peak. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mongolia are the top three suffering countries in the world. The astonishing is that only in Dhaka city around 80 thousand people died because of environmental pollution such as plastic pollution, water pollution, air pollution, etc. Worldwide almost 79% of complete delivered plastic is thrown in the climate, incinerated 12%, and recycled only 9%. On the other hand, Scientists are thinking of a clean energy production system and planning to reduce the usage of fossil fuels as little as possible. In this regard, this paper demonstrates a method to implement the pyrolysis process in the nuclear power plant and design thermal loops.

Keywords: Pyrolysis, Plastic pollution, Power generation, Nuclear power plant, Gas power plant, MHD, Stability analysis.


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